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Pink Amethyst & Red Flower Agate Crystal Tower A

Pink Amethyst & Red Flower Agate Crystal Tower A

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Flower agate is a stone that is fairly recently discovered. It has a soft, nurturing and feminine energy about it. It helps clear the mind for focus and brings enjoyment to life. It's flowers remind you to "blossom" into your full potential. It helps you shift your perspective on life to look at things with an open heart. It also has a maternal presence that makes it wonderful for the divine feminine and fertility work. It will help you shed your self doubt and look forward to the days ahead. 

Red Flower agate is a variation in color of flower agate which sometimes grows alongside amethyst as pictured.

Key words: Nurturing, Clarity, Enjoyment 

Chakra(s): Heart

Element: Earth, Air

Zodiac: Aquarius, taurus, gemini

Planetary Association: Mercury

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