About the Owner

Hello to the gem lovers out there and thank you so much for landing on this page! All interaction helps me build this little dream of mine so I have to start by saying thank you! 


My name is Madison, and I love crystals. I'm an earth sign, so it makes sense. I had an idea one day to start a crystal shoppe and it has manifested itself into this. I currently live in Washington DC, and I'm a proud Master of Architecture Graduate from Hampton University. I work to design schools in the state of New York. I have soo many hobbies, from art, to crystals and jewelry, to doing tattoos and learning about just anything. One of my biggest dreams is to sustain myself with my own business and craft. 


I started the shoppe on 11/11 in 2020, took a break in late 2021, getting in the groove in 2022, and proud of where we have gotten so far! I slowly try to incorporate my own spiritual journey and practices into the shoppe. Soon I would like to offer pendulums, wands, tarot decks, and other fun things my intuition tells me to add. I plan on adding some of my own art to the shoppe in the form of stickers and other items as well. Help me make my dream a reality! 

I often give out discounts to active followers. My number one priority in my business is to spread love and healing and provide absolute excellent customer service and be as kind as possible. If you have any concerns with this business please reach out to me and I will address them directly at:



Thank you so much for reading, 


Your virgo friend, 


Madison 💘



Enjoy this photo of me and this HUGE Rose Quartz and Jade tower at the Denver Gem Show in 2021!