Candle Colors and Days of the Week

Candle Colors and Days of the Week

Candles have been a part of spiritual practices for centuries, serving as a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical. Each color holds its own frequency and energy, which can be harnessed in spellwork to amplify intentions and invoke specific energies. Here’s a guide to using candle colors aligned with the days of the week to enhance your magical practices.

Sunday - The Day of the Sun

Colors: Gold and Orange
Intentions: Success, prosperity, health, and victory
Spells: Business success, personal power, and healing

Monday - The Day of the Moon

Colors: White, Silver, and Gray
Intentions: Intuition, dreams, psychic abilities, and femininity
Spells: Clairvoyance, fertility, and emotional healing

Tuesday - The Day of Mars

Colors: Red, Brown, and Autumn shades
Intentions: Courage, strength, and passion
Spells: Protection, legal matters, and conflict resolution

Wednesday - The Day of Mercury

Colors: Yellow and Gray
Intentions: Communication, wisdom, and travel
Spells: Learning, job interviews, and travel safety

Thursday - The Day of Jupiter

Colors: Purple and Blue
Intentions: Expansion, honor, and prosperity
Spells: Wealth, legal matters, and academic success

Friday - The Day of Venus

Colors: Light Blue, Pink, Green, and Copper
Intentions: Love, friendship, and beauty
Spells: Romantic love, friendships, and self-care

Saturday - The Day of Saturn

Colors: Maroon, Black, and Gray
Intentions: Protection, banishing, and longevity
Spells: Cleansing negativity, protection, and grounding

Incorporating these colors into your spells can help you tap into the cosmic energies of each day. Remember, the most important aspect of any spell is your intention. Set it clearly, light your candle, and let the magic unfold!

If you need to know more about candle work and how to use them, check out our "Candle Work: Colors, Shapes, and Example Spells" article. We also have chime candles in the healing tools section of the shoppe!

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