7 Crystals to Help With Grief and Loss

7 Crystals to Help With Grief and Loss

Grief is not easy. 

Loosing someone you love is one of the hardest things we have to go through as human beings. It can be really rough even trying to understand the evolution of the spirit from life to death. I have deal with plenty of loss as any human in this life will.

Healing from grief is going to encompass a lot of things. If you are turning to crystals to help you with your process, here are 7 to help with grief, in order from base chakra to crown:


1. Carnelian, Root Chakra

Carnelian will help you revive your passion and stabilize your sense of stability. It is important when working with your chakras, to start at the base and work your way up to heal all of your chakras. Carnelian is a stone that will help draw you out of a withdrawn state and restore your range of emotions so you can feel again and feel more, but not just the sad feelings.

2. Peach Satin Spar, Sacral Chakra:

Peach satin spar will purify your chakras and clear your mental state. It will also open your connections to the spirit realm and help you balance all the different feelings you are having. It is important to open yourself to connections and ground yourself if you want to feel connected to your ancestors. 

3. Bumblebee Jasper, Soular Plexus Chakra:

Bumblebee Jasper is a whimsical stone that will further help you build your range of emotion. It is full of vibrancy that will help you boost your self confidence. It will also realign you with your joyous side and remind you that the cycles of life are a part of nature we must embrace!

4. Rose Quartz, Heart Chakra:

Rose quartz must be on this list! I know it is cliche, but during times of grief it is so important to remind yourself to love you and forgive yourself and others for any feeling of blame or guilt that may come with grief. This will also help you remember to be more compassionate with yourself and others during this hard time.

5. Blue Chalcedony, Throat Chakra:

Blue Chalcedony is a very gentle stone that will help you be truthful and outward with your emotions. sometimes it is hard to speak about how grief affects you, and process your emotions. This will very calmly help you express yourself even if you don't know exactly how to in the moment.

6. Amethyst, Brow Chakra:

Amethyst is a very spiritual stone that will again help you connect with the spirits of your lost ones. Amethyst will help you lift the veil between you and those who you have lost to provide you spiritual support and guidance. Amethyst also relieves stress and absorbs the negative energies swirling around you in the states of grief.

7. Rainbow Moonstone, Crown Chakra:

The crown chakra connects you to your higher powers and realms outside of the physical. Rainbow moonstone will soften this ability as well as open your own sensitivity to them. It is gentle enough to provide a soft and nurturing awakening that will uplift your senses and keep you in touch with your own spiritual body. It will also help you to relieve feelings of being disconnected to reality and remind you that cycles of life are inevitable. 


This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it can be a starting point. I always try to include more common and affordable crystals in posts like these, because I don't want you breaking the bank or stressing yourself further for healing. Statement pieces are amazing, and can be used in healing work for sure! But it is also helpful to have crystals you can carry with you, lie on your being, or even put in your pillowcase or bathwater. Also, build a relationship with your crystals. Simply doing one of the mentioned things will not fix everything, rather set the intention that you wish to achieve with your gemstones and use them in concert with those purposes the ways you see fit. 

Loss is hard, and I am sorry to see you go through this! Just know that you are loved, and the person you are grieving feels both honored you are thinking of them, and sad to see you sad. Life is about balance and it is up to you to find the balance to carry you through this hard time. If you are reading this, I am wishing you the absolute best!

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