Peach Moonstone - Crystal Meanings & Metaphysical Healing Properties

Peach Moonstone - Crystal Meanings & Metaphysical Healing Properties


Peach Moonstone benefits include the same benefits as moonstone, but it has an extra strong connection to your heart and soular plexus chakras. It is a stone of feminine energy. It gently helps us to connect with and understand our emotions. It helps us to hone in on our intuition and trust our divine connection to the universe, knowing that everything will be okay. Working with our lower chakras, it also helps us explore our sexuality and creativity in a gentle and sacred way. Peach moonstone healing properties also include soothing emotions of people experiencing maternal stress, puberty, PMS, and other feminine-related ailments.


Key words: Divine feminine, intuition

Chakra(s): Crown, sacral

Element: Air

Zodiac:  Cancer, Libra, Scorpio 

Planetary Association: Moon 


Country most found in: Madagascar

Color: Pink, Orange

Hardness: 6-6.5

Lustre: Vitreous, pearly

Chemical Formula: KAISi3O8, (NA,Ca) Al1-2Si3-2O8

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