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Mexican Blue Calcite Geode with Hematite inclusions

Mexican Blue Calcite Geode with Hematite inclusions

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• Geodes help connect with divine beings

• Geodes radiate out energy from the tips of the crystal formations

• Use one to create a flow of chi energy in your space and around you

• Use a geode to charge or cleanse other crystals

• A geode will also collect the negative energy in a space and transmute it to positive energy

• A geode will help you see the bigger picture in situations

Geodes can form many different types of crystals inside including Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, and Chalcedony

A geode is a rock with a hollow center that is naturally lined with crystal formations inside. A geode has a thick outer wall that protects the crystals inside while they form over millions of years. This is what a geode looks like after it's been sliced open. 

These were handpicked before being cut open at the Tar & Heel Gem show in NC 2021. 



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