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7 Stone Crystal Chakra Set and Selenite Stick

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Comes with a selenite stick 🤍 

Base Chakra: Labradorite- Labradorite is actually considered one of the most powerful protectors. I chose this stone for the bade chakra because it does really well with grounding and transforming, prepping you for your spiritual work.

Sacral Chakra: Red Bloodstone - Bloodstone is a crystal that is said to help with vitality, and being connected to blood and it reminds you of our connected life forces and your ancestral heritage. It’s impossible to know where you’re going without knowing who you are. The second step of healing within this set.

Soular Plexus Chakra: Peach Moonstone - after some heavier grounding, it’s time to soften ourselves with peach moonstone. Peach Moonstone is known to soothe the emotions and bring joy into life. Your “gut feelings” are centered in the soular plexus chakra and this will help you stay more in touch with those feelings.

Heart Chakra: Moss Agate - to add some prosperity into this set, I decided to stick with the traditional green and these tumbles were too perfect to pass up. Moss agate is a versatile crystal that promotes your intertwining with the natural world, staying in tune with prosperous energy, and helping to also soothe your loving relationships to yourself and others.

Throat Chakra: AQUAMARINE- Have you ever seen aquamarine in a chakra set? Another reason I had to include these. Aquamarine sounds super connected to the water. It helps your words and truth flow. It is also known to alleviate any physical issues with your respiratory system.

Brow Chakra - Amethyst: Amethyst had to go in this set simply because of it’s beauty. The magic quality of amethyst will always remind you to calm and center your soul to the frequency of the universe. Amethyst always helps me focus on my spirituality and feel more divine.

Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz - The last thing necessary on this list is clarity. Clear quartz will work with your mind to help you sharpen your mental vision and desires. Clear quartz is the final stone on this list that will help you cut out all the crap and see new beginnings and a clear vision. 


Chakras are energy centers that are connected to your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. If you’re looking for information on how these crystals work, check out our blog. 


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