What is a Pendulum and how do you use it? An intro to Pendulum Divination

What is a Pendulum and how do you use it? An intro to Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination

Have you ever seen someone staring at a weight on a chain? Maybe you've seen one at a hypnosis office or at a spiritual shop, but you didn't really know what it was, or how to use it. This guide will tell you all about what pendulums are, and how they are used for divination purposes, (i.e., to ask your intuition or spirit guides yes or no questions and seek answers from a supernatural or divine source.)

What is Divination?

Divination has many meanings. People use the term to describe mostly using an object to either answer questions, reach a spirit, entity, or the divine, or in essence tell the future. Although no outcome is set in stone, it is believed that you can receive guidance from these entities by harnessing the power of a tool like a pendulum, tarot cards, rune stones, crystal balls, tea leaves, bones, or other cultural practice. Divination describes the practice of using a tool for the purposes of gaining answers or guidance. Pendulums specifically give "yes", "no", and "maybe" or "unclear" responses depending on how you view it. 

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is essentially any weighted object on a chain or rope. You can make your own pendulum, or you can purchase one from a spiritual shop or gemstone shop. Some pendulum chains have a lobster clasp on the end to hook onto different pendants or objects to be used as the pendulum weight. Some pendulums are as simple as a string tied around a penny. Pendulums can also be used with a pendulum board. This is a small circular disk with the words "yes", "no", "maybe" or "unclear", and "rephrase" on it. It is important to note that a pendulum board is different from a Ouija board, in the fact that a Ouija board is used by multiple people and a planchette while a pendulum board only takes one person. Pendulum boards are not required to use a pendulum, but they typically involve the same process as using the pendulum by itself which is described below.

How to use a Pendulum for Divination Purposes

The following list is more of a summary of the steps I would take in my personal practice. It is not the only way that you can use a pendulum.

1. The first thing that you want to do is clear your mind and set the intention on what it is that you want to know about or ask your pendulum and guides. With your new pendulum, you may want to cleanse it of any energies in the way of your choice like smudging, blessed water, sea salt, prayer, or other. Be careful not to use a cleansing source that may be damaging to your gemstone or weight. You may choose to do this every time you use your pendulum or just when you buy it as new. 

2. After cleansing your pendulum and setting your intentions, it is time to "calibrate" or figure out how your pendulum is going to signal "yes" or "no". If you have a pendulum board, you do not need to do this step.. but I suggest you still take some time to get to know your pendulum with a few test questions, say hello, etc. Hold the pendulum in front of you, and as the pendulum to show you "yes", and "no". The pendulum may swing side to side, front to back, or rotate one way or the other when you ask. Try to stay calm and rest your elbow on a surface if you have to. Once you note which direction your pendulum moves when you ask it to show you yes or no and have gotten a few consistent answers, you are ready to ask your pendulum questions. It may take a while to feel connected to your pendulum, but remember to have confidence. It is also important or good practice to address who you would like to receive answers from. These could be deities, ancestors, your own intuition, angels, or spirits around you. Be sure to take some time to bond and create a good relationship with your pendulum by treating it as sacred, carrying it with you, or sleeping with it under your pillow. 

3. After you have calibrated your pendulum, you are ready to ask questions! You should calibrate your pendulum every time you use it. You may choose to ask the first question, "Am I working with positive white light in this reading?" If you receive the answer "No", I would stop the reading. It is important to be working with positive and pure energies. 

Example Questions you may Ask 

You might be wondering, "Okay great, I know how to use divination on a pendulum but what in the world do I ask the thing?" I'll give you a few examples of what to ask your pendulum. Keep in mind that you should never ask your pendulum questions that reach into the mind of another person or, about another person without their permission really. It can be dangerous for you to perform energy work on people who are not consenting to it and you likely will not get an unbiased answer. Stick to asking questions about yourself. Some more questions you should be leery about is asking questions about health which are far too important to risk a bad reading, or the future which is very likely to change.

Some examples of Pendulum questions: 

All things considered, is it the best idea for me to take this vacation with my friends?

Is it in my best interest to go on this concert date?

Is it optimal for me to be a part of Jessica's wedding party?

By asking questions that are phrased in your best interest, you can eliminate the bias that comes from asking "should you" do something. Saying things that relate to your highest good will give you the clearest and most accurate answer. 

Take a look at these pendulums to get your feet wet!

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