Crystals and Gemstones: What’s The Hype?

Crystals and Gemstones: What’s The Hype?

What the hell are crystals all about? Why are people so obsessed with them? Do they give you power? What's the big deal? 


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It just so happens that a lot of people are discovering their way into being rock collectors - but is there more to it? Why are people so crazed over the entire “healing crystals” Instagram fad or if people really use gemstones genuinely or just because they look nice. We’re about to break that all down for you and explain what all the hype is and why people are so exited - and if they are genuine in their forthcomings.


Healing crystals - My Personal Use Behind Them

Gemstones and minerals have a consciousness of their own. Each gemstone aligns with a different frequency, that aids a different emotion and chakra. We connect to crystals through their vibrations and energy. On their own they affect us, but if we align with the crystals vibrations as well - that can bring along a real powerhouse and change in your own mind and heart. 

Crystals and gemstones have been believed to hold power by many generations of people for thousands of years. Emerald and Jade have been popular amongst Asian cultures. Native American Cultures use Quartz crystals to direct their energy. African Americans use crystals and gemstones for the same purpose. Turquoise, sapphires, pearls and diamonds are all some the divine mother's gifts of nature.


The Science Behind Crystals

 How do crystals work, really? Now I'm no scientist, but I'll at least give you what I've learned from my research. 

In all, crystals and gemstones are minerals are rocks. They are created inside of the Earth as igneous or metamorphic rocks. As igneous rocks are formed, the groundwater from the earth is pushed to the surface. The water is hot, but as it starts to cool down, ions start to emerge from the rock as crystals. Different crystals come from different elements. The different elements form into different shapes like points, cubes, and more. They are all made of different atomic structures that reflect the arrangement of their appearance. 

Anyways, crystals are made in a molecular structure that mimics the structures in our bodies and the 6 sacred shapes of geometry. They have their own frequencies and vibrations that are connected to different chakras and energy points in our bodies. This is why we are able to relate to them so easily. 


Where do crystals come from?

Crystals come from literally all over the world. Everywhere. Here's a small list about what types of gemstones are popular in which regions:

Africa: Basically everything, but really high amounts of diamonds, tanzanite, rubies, sapphires, opals and tourmalines.

South America: Very high in the production of different types of quartz (amethyst, clear, smoky, citrine, and more), emerald, topaz, aquamarine, and fluorite

North America: Jade, jasper, gypsum (selenite), agate

Europe: Lapis, tourmalines, aventurine, emeralds, diamonds

Asia: Jade, rubies, spinel, and aquamarine & sapphire

Australia: Mostly opals, but topaz, diamond, emerald, rubies can also be found.


Are people really genuine in their approach to crystal healing?

In my approach to providing a spiritual item online, I have ecperienced both. It seems there is a crowd of people who like crystals because they think they are pretty, and a crown of people who use them for healing purposes. Theres also a third crowd out there that does both and I would honestly say that I land somewhere in the middle myself. I certainly use my crystals for chakra alignment, aura cleansing, and protecting my home. BUT, sometimes I also like a good piece just because it makes me happy to look at it. There has to also be some healing and self love in that. 


How do we provide crystals to you online?

 At The Serenity Shoppe, each of the crystals being brought to your door are individually chosen by myself based on my own feelings and intuition on what I think someone could use in their life and the uniqueness of the piece. We're in the process of bringing a more regular collection to our shop so that you have access to all the basic tumbles, raw stones, bracelets, towers, and more. We want to be a one stop shop for all of your spiritual needs and will get there very soon. After we purchase the gems and tools from our supplier, we energetically and spiritually cleanse each piece (as well as physically cleanse them.) I keep them safe with me before you purchase them, and then we hand package and send your items straight to your door. 


How do we care for our crystals?

Caring for a ton of crystal babies is not always the easiest work, but we get it done! And that's not to say I haven't dropped a crystal or two and had to take it off the website. Yeah. That's actually happened to some of my favorites. 

However, we keep all of the crystals and shop inventory in their own room with their own shelving and they are regularly energetically and spiritually cleansed using sound healing techniques and no harsh chemicals. I fist started the shoppe cleansing with herbs, but to avoid any allergenic concerns I have since started using sound bowls and tuning forks to spiritually cleanse both my own crystals and the shop inventory. It goes a long way when you need to cleanse many crystals at once. 

The intention is to have your crystals arrive to you with nothing but loved attached. Through regular cleanings and intentional care and packaging, your crystals arrive to you with no spiritual blockages and full of love waiting for you to be unpacked. I promise you will feel it at your doorstep. 

Thanks for reading our latest blog post! Shop crystals, jewelry, and healing tools here.

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