Crystal Color Coding: How to Easily Spot Healing Properties by Color

Crystal Color Coding: How to Easily Spot Healing Properties by Color

Did you know that crystals connect to each of your chakras by their color? Once you learn the spiritual meanings of each color, you’ll be identifying basic crystal properties without a book (Scroll to the bottom for the quick guide). 

Chakras and their Spiritual Colors

Each chakra in your body is linked to an energy field that has a specific color. You may have also heard or read about the spiritual properties of candles by their color. If you’ve noticed, the meanings of the shades all coincide. Here we’re going to break down the meaning of each color, it’s spiritual and chakra connection, and how that relates to crystals that are that color. One of the most important things about chakras to grasp is the color system and what they each relate to. The western system is based on the colors of the rainbow. 


Red Crystals - The Base Chakra 

The Base Chakra stars of with the first color of the rainbow, red. The base chakra symbolizes survival instincts, grounding, overall security, and nourishment. It is located around your pelvic area. 

Both this chakra and the color red relate to the emotions or topics of survival and security. The base chakra rules the profession and modern concepts of survival that are a result of the ability to make a living. In this sense, Red translates to energy and health. Red crystals will heal you in these areas and have properties that will help ground you so that you see the balance of not just money but other important things in life. Red is about the need for practical security of the self.

Orange Crystals- The Sacral Chakra 

The Sacral Chakra relates to emotions, sex, self worth, and creativity. It is linked to the color orange, and you can already see this manifesting in the forms of orange calcite which brings a new perspective and creative flow. It is located just above your pelvic area near your bellybutton.

Orange is about your bowels, reproductive organs, and self-value. It is a strong emotional chakra that relates to independence, early love relationships, attachments, and sex. It is said to be the largest chakra, which is why when you feel hot about someone, you can feel butterflies and sometimes it can lean into your bladder. Because this chakra is related to sex, it is also related to the source and process of creation and that is where creativity and inspiration come from here. 

Yellow Crystals - The Soular Plexus Chakra

The Soular plexus is linked to personal power, intellect, and the mind. Your “gut” reactions are found in this chakra, it is located near your upper abdomen. 

The color yellow is about energy and willpower. It is also concerned with intellect and information. It is the color of education and the joys of life. It also rules your curiosity. Yellow crystals will give you the energy you need to feel confident and a strong sense of will that the Soular Plexus chakra is the ruler of. Yellow crystals are also said to bring prosperity because healing the soular plexus chakra will help you be able to tackle and take down new projects and be successful with more ease. 

Green Crystals - The Heart Chakra 

Green is the color of love and prosperity, connecting you to compassion to others and yourself. It is located near your heart. 

The color green is linked to respect, prosperity, and love. The heart chakra is linking together the bottom 3 instinctual chakras and the top 3 spiritual chakras. The color green helps you to be okay with your mistakes and love others. It encourages you to trust others unless they have given you a reason not to. Green colors will also link to you nurturing and growing spirit. Lastly, green will also represent abundance leading to prosperity in every aspect. Green crystals lend themselves to heal all of these areas. 

Light Blue Crystals - The Throat Chakra 

The throat chakra, brow and crown chakra can be classified differently. Light blue color typically corresponds with the power of the voice, near your throat. It is linked to truth and communication. It can also be represented by blue. 

Light blue and teal crystals relate to the throat chakra that is the ruler of communication. Chakras can be quite literal in their healing needs, this chakra is located in the area that produces voice so that’s pretty easy to remember. Light blue crystals also represent wisdom and loyalty. It will guide you to take responsibilities for your actions and recognize your shortcomings. It will help you to listen to others and empathize with them, and to speak clearly about your feelings and intentions. Light blue crystals will help you with this. 

Indigo  Crystals - The Brow Chakra 

The brow chakra is linked to a deep blue/indigo color or purple. This color relates to extra sensory perception, intuition, and psychism. It is also called the “Third Eye” Chakra. It is located between your eyebrows. 

The color indigo relates to your responsibility for family, making a home, clarity of mind, and knowledge. The chakra and color will help you to build a mental bridge between the mundane and spiritual world. It helps open your mind’s intuition and inspiration so that you can receive messages from the spirit world. This color helps you use your strength in a responsible way. Dark blue or purple crystals will help you in these areas and heal this chakra. 

Purple Crystals - The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is classified as purple or white. It is located at the top of your head. It is linked to spirituality and your higher consciousness. In this section, we will address the color purple. White is the color of purity and light. The Crown chakra is located at the top of your head. 

Purple is the color of spirituality, trust, prayer, and faith. This color and purple crystals will guide you to see your purpose on earth, and lead you away from judgement of others. This color is also good for driving away stress and emotional turmoil. It will help you realize that the only important thing on this earth is not money. It helps you recognize that everyone needs freedom and not to control people. Purple crystals will help you in these areas.

White/Clear Crystals - The Crown Chakra

 White and Clear crystals have a special category because while they are linked to the crown chakra (who some traditions believe to be white), white and clear crystals support all the chakras in the body. It is linked to purity, clarity, and light. 

White is the color of purity and light. This color and white crystals will cleanse your aura, quiet your mind, and bring you closer to spirit. Clear quarts cleanses all crystals, chakras, and energies and can even charge them. Their energy is very neutral and can also enhance the energy of what is around it, negative or positive. White symbolizes a new beginning and the highest, highest good and divine nature. White and clear crystals will work in these areas. 

Now that you know the meanings and mental, spiritual, and instinctual energies of all the chakras and their coinciding colors, you can now easily identify a crystals healing energies! This little trick is very helpful. If you remember which chakras they relate to and the meanings of their colors, you can also identify which chakras are necessary to heal you in certain areas of your life and which crystals to choose to heal them. It is a handy way to think about it. 

A Quick Guide to Crystals and their General Meanings and Chakra Alignments: 

If you want the quick run down, here it is.

Red: Base Chakra - Survival Instincts, basic needs 

Orange: Sacral Chakra - Emotions, sex

Yellow: Willpower, energy

Green: Heart Chakra - Abundance, unconditional love 

Light Blue: Throat Chakra - Communication, truth

Indigo: Brow Chakra - Intuition, extra-sensory perception

Purple: Crown Chakra - Spirituality, higher consciousness

 Thank you for reading, love, light, and blessings to you! 

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Chakra Healing: Your Personal Guide. Roberta Vernon.

Write your own Magic: The Hidden Power in Your Own Words. Richard Webster

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