33 Self-Love Affirmations for Young Women in 2023

33 Self-Love Affirmations for Young Women in 2023

2022 has been a long year! Somehow it still flew by? It can be so hard to stay positive in these days. We are constantly bombarded with either the worlds hardest tragedies, or people's highest successes. People rarely talk about the everyday metal struggles they are having. (TW for the next sentence: gun violence). This year we have watched Russia attack Ukraine, countless children be slaughtered by people with guns in their places of learning, inflation through the roof, and so much more. Most people pretend nothing bothers them. Others like us are seeking peace and healing.

Let me remind you also of a few positive events that happened this year. Maya Angelou became the first Black woman to be featured on a U.S. Quarter (I had the honor of meeting her right before she died, she was such a gentle woman and happy to interact with the public). In January, Congress made the "No Surprises Act" which prevents you from getting a medical bill from a doctor you did not choose and did not take your insurance during a medical emergency. Conversion therapy (a practice where services are intended to change a person's gender identity or sexual orientation) was banned in Canada. 523 acres of California's Redwood Forest was returned to Native Americans. Moderna's HIV vaccine has started clinical trials this year. Oh and Humpback wales have started to increase in numbers again due to conservation efforts. I don't know if it's a human urge to only focus on the negative things, but the good things that are being done in the world should have more light shed on them.

With all the negativity constantly being presented to you, It can be hard to feel good in general. It can be hard not to criticize yourself to death. If you are landed on this page, I promise you are on the right track. Personally, I know how it feels to never feel like you are doing enough. Telling yourself this over and over again will rob you of your happiness in life. Remember to focus on all the positive and happy things that you do accomplish, and then you will have the appetite and motivation for more. 

Okay, so. Enough about why I'm writing this, let's get to why you came here. These affirmations are written by myself from the heart, addressing feelings that I have struggled with over my 24 years of life. Let's move into the new year and leave our baggage of not feeling good enough behind. Today is the last day that we tell ourselves that we are not worthy. 



1. Yesterday is over. 
2. Today is another chance for me to recreate my life.
3. As I grow, I shed my fears. 
4. Today, my relationship with myself grows tenfold. 
5. I was not brought to this Earth to suffer. Mentally, physically, or spiritually. 
6. In this life I may prosper to achieve my wildest dreams and more.
7. I allow myself to reach my full potential. 
8. I let go of any and all thoughts that make me feel bad about myself.
9. I do things every day to show myself how much I love me. 
10. Every day, I accomplish my goals. 
11. My relationship with myself was never a bad one. 
12. Every day I learn more about what I love about myself. 
13. I love myself.
14. I make time for myself more than anyone. 
15. The greatest person I can depend on is me, and I don't have to think twice about it. 
16. I know I can accomplish whatever thoughts I have in my head. 
17. When bad thoughts come to me, I shut them out and replace them with good ones.
18. I am beautiful in 1,000 ways.
19. I am more talented than I even know. 
20. I am smart enough to recognize my talents.
21. I am smart enough to be confident in my decisions. 
22. I don't let other people sway my opinions.
23. I accept love from others. 
24. The love that comes in my life is pure and genuine. 
25. I am able to provide everything I want and need for myself. 
26. I am confident in telling other people my thoughts and values. 
27. When I cry, I release my sadness back to the earth.
28. When I love, I am kind in my intentions. 
29. When I am angry, I am able to find peace. 
30. I am always growing financially and spiritually. 
31. I work on things I am passionate about. 
32. I am doing enough. 
33. Life does not have to be perfect for me to enjoy it. 



That last affirmation though.. You really have to live that one. 

I hope that these words have been able to help you in some way release any doubt you feel over yourself. Try saying some of these before the new year starts, so we can go into the new year with confidence and wielding the power we truly possess. 

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