10 Spiritual Businesses & Crystal Shops Based in Washington, D.C. (with in-person stores!)

10 Spiritual Businesses & Crystal Shops Based in Washington, D.C. (with in-person stores!)

Whether you're a local or a visitor, if you're looking to support a spiritual business based in the nation's capitol, here are 10 metaphysical stores that you can check out from home or in-person (not including the one you're on) :) 

I will admit this list has (4) businesses based in Maryland or the DMV, if you were looking for specifically DC. We must support our people. I chose businesses that I was particularly called to or already familiar with. I'll probably add to this list as time goes on <3 if you know any more that should be in here, please leave a comment or share how much you love one of the ones below!

  1. Solace Crystals (Online, based in DC)

    I lovee Solace Crystals. They are a woman-owned online business based in the city that has crystals, sage, incense, and candles. She's a really smart woman who also shares some really good healing tips on Instagram. It's not always what you want to hear, but she makes it relatable especially to us young people trying to find ourselves. Her business and wisdom always reminds me to be more aware of myself and calm down. You can order from her shop online. 

  2. Synergy & Serenity (Dupont Circle)

    I haven't visited Synergy & Serenity yet, but you can order from them on DoorDash!! I think that is the absolute coolest thing. Check them out on there if you don't believe me. They have crystals, sages, jewelry, and also offer spiritual services all the time. They are located in Dupont Circle on Connecticut avenue in the second floor of their building. Check out their instagram to see what they're up to. 

  3. Mecca Perfume & Bookstore (U Street)

    Mecca Perfume is located near 7th & U street right past the beauty supply store. It can be easy to miss, as it's kind of low key. It's going to have oils, incense, sages, soaps, shea butters, and more apothecary and aromatherapy type items. 

  4. Blue Nile Botanicals (Columbia Heights/Howard & Online)

    Blue Nile is certainly a go-to. This one is a double, because there is a shop on bottom with herbs, oils, and spices and a crystal store on the level above. The hours for the crystal shop can switch around and I cannot find her online information, so I would call Blue Nile and ask about them.

  5. CrystalsNRealms (Online, based in DC)

    "Healing, not Healed". Crystals & Realms is another online woman-owned business based in the area selling crystals, jewelry, and other spiritual items like manifestation jars, Florida water, handmade candles, and spiritual bundles. She also offers spiritual services like readings and cord cutting. Her Shop will be opening a physical location in the District Heights, MD Area!

  6. District Mineral (Georgetown & Online)

    This is a small crystal pop-up in Georgetown with a more statement piece & jewelry vibe. Over time they have added smudge bundles to their collection. They also sell some other cute items like cute postcards. Their physical location is inside of another business in Georgetown called Take Care Skin Clinic. Their partnership has been standing for a few years now.

  7. FQS Crystals (Online, Based in Baltimore, MD)

    FQS Crystals is a super cute shop based in Maryland that has crystals  & gemstone Jewelry, apparel, books, incense, soaps, suncatchers, and more beautiful items. They also have a small crystal directory on their website if you're looking for some help deciding what you need. 

  8. She's Royal Gems (Online, Based in the DMV)

    She's Royal Gems is another online woman-owned business ran by a Reiki Master. She sells crystals, sages, different forms of incense, burners, altar pieces, and more. She also has an app, hasn’t  all kinds of bundles and also has a beautiful Rose bath soak. She writes a blog too that you can check out here. 

  9. Zen & Crystals (Currently found inside All the Rage Vintage Shop, Annapolis MD)

    Zen & crystals is a pop-up inside of the All the Rage Vintage Shop. Inside you'll find her area full of tumbles, a selection of jewelry, incense, beautiful candles, and florida water. If you're in the area you should def check this out as long as they're partnered!

  10. Madam Z's (Online, Based in the DMV)

    Madan Z's is a crystal shop based in DC. She has beaded bracelets, spheres, towers, druzy, freeforms, crystal stands, you name it! Her collection is pretty wide if you're building yours right now. She also ships world-wide. 

Again, please leave a comment with your positive experiences with this businesses and any others that need to be on this list!

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