8 Crystals for Consistency in 2023

8 Crystals for Consistency in 2023

We all know discipline is hard! Here are 8 crystals for consistency and a description about how they will help you stay on top of each of your goals in 2023. 

Consistency and discipline are two factors that for a lot of us (I’ll admit it, we like to relax) can be really hard to master. They are two things that do have the power to grow your skills and yield a high outcome. Before you read this article, I want you to know that while you may not feel consistent in one particular area of your life, maybe you aren’t fully considering everything you do. You have to be consistent in many things to live even the beginning of any kind of functional life. What you’re looking to do is spread that consistency you already have across other areas in your life. 

I’ll always preface this by saying that YOU are the most important tool in your arsenal to make things happen. Crystals, amulets, healing tools, and even journaling are all just in support of the magic that is inside of you. Here are 8 crystals to help you on your journey with consistency this year. 

8 Crystals for Consistency in 2023


Red Jasper - This stone brings awareness to self. This will help you stay grounded and realize exactly what it is you want to achieve. 

Malachite Malachite shrinks your fears and helps you jump outside of your comfort zone. This is helpful when trying to accomplish something brand new.

Fluorite - Fluorite is a stone that will help you focus. Fluorite reminds you of the “why” in your heart so that you keep going. 

Rhodochrosite - Rhodochrosite will gently remind you to love your journey and process. This will gently help you to be excited to stay on track. 

Topaz - Topaz will help you dissipate tension and grow spiritually without angst. This will help you not to overthink about your tasks.

Tiger's EyeTiger's eye builds your self worth and reminds you to give forth an active approach to life. This will help you stay motivated.

AmazoniteAmazonite will calm your worry and help you set clear intentions and boundaries. This will help you with your work life balance.

Black TourmalineBlack Tourmaline will rid you of anything holding you back. This will help keep any negative intentions away from your goals.


1) Red Jasper

The first thing we are going to do to stay consistent this year is realize our worth with Red Jasper! Red Jasper is about becoming self aware and remembering who you are. It’s red color is full of fire, but it also gives off a nuturing energy. This will remind you of your power.


2) Malachite 

Malachite is essential to your collection this year because it’s going to help you with endurance and personal fears. Malachite is super known for working really well with the body for blood pressure, menstrual cramps, and even broken bones. This year we are using malachite to soothe our fears and remind us to stay steady in our heart to stay consistent

3) Fluorite 

Fluorite is the stone we all know for focus, so of course it made it to this list. Fluorite is famous for helping us with concentration. But why does it do this? The word Fluorite comes from the word Flux. Flux, meaning fluctuation or flow. Fluorite reminds us to find and flow to our own rhythm. Move through the world this year as crystal clear as water flows down it’s path. 

4) Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is that soft love stone. This year we are using rhodochrosite to nurture us to love our journey and trust the process. Things do not happen overnight and while we are in the process of making things happen, sometimes we need a reminder to love ourselves. Rhodochrosite will help us to do that and see things from a clean perspective so we aren’t worried about any of last year’s troubles. 

5) Topaz 

Topaz is another anti-anxiety stone. I don’t know about all of you but overthinking is something I struggle with all the damn time. So, I chose Topaz to be on this list because it’s important to believe in yourself without any doubts or worries. Looking at this stone really reminds you to stand tall in yourself and see yourself as the clear celestial being that you are. You need that this year to be able to feel good being consistent. 

6) Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye is all about personal confidence. It helps you to see your inner light and stand tall within yourself. In order to be consistent this year, we need to let go of our self doubts and know that we are protected by the highest powers! This warm toned stone will remind you that every day the sun rises is a new chance for you to stand tall and forget the past. 

7) Amazonite

Amazonite will help you with setting boundaries this year by allowing you to let go of worry and speaking your truth. Amazonite is a soothing stone that alleviates anxiety. We are not worrying about other peoples opinions this year, so that’s why we want to keep this one with us. We need to be able to clearly tell people no when we want to achieve our goals. This does not mean don’t ever hang out with your friends. This means create your plan for free time and stick to it.


8) Black Tourmaline

A collectors favorite, we need black tourmaline for two reasons this year. We want to first let go of our unhealthy attachments that keep us from staying dedicated. Any of our personal toxic habits, self sabatoging actions, and disbelief needs to be shed day by day. Black tourmaline helps us to do that. Secondly, we need black tourmaline to keep away any negative or harmful wishes coming our way. I’m sure you keep good people around you - but just to be safe, keep some of this like you would an evil eye this year. Times are delicate right now. 

And there you have it! 8 crystals for being consistent this year in 2023. I hope you all enjoyed this and please leave some comments about your favorite crystals for staying consistent!


(please note that this article in no way is a substitution for medical advice) 

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