The Gallery Show was a Success!

The Gallery Show was a Success!

I just have to tell you all about this experience! 

If you've been keeping up with the shoppe, you may have already seen the news that The Serenity Shoppe was a vendor at Aura Sol's Black Tarot Gallery Show in Brooklyn, NY!

Here's a photo from the event:

In the midst of driving to NY and getting ready for the Saturday event, I was blessed enough to be able to get new business cards and a foam board sign with my brand new logo and rebranding materials on it on the day of. Thank you Staples!

I am so proud of my longstanding client and friend Brittany and her co-creator Courtney for creating the most beautiful Black Tarot Card Deck! The event was full of life even though it was the coldest day of the year. I was busy the whole night, I wish I was able to get more photos. I was able to buy my deck though! Everyone I met at the event was so kind and wonderful and even my friends were there to support me. We will be having another show in DC soon, please stay tuned for that! 

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