Amazonite - Crystal Meanings & Metaphysical Healing Properties

Amazonite - Crystal Meanings & Metaphysical Healing Properties


Amazonite soothes trauma and calms the soul. It promotes harmony and balance. It will help you express your true thoughts and clear boundaries. Amazonite is also encourages tidiness. Amazon was named the hope stone and was found in the mask of Tutankhamun. Amazonite is a stone that helps you speak clearly and with respect and dignity by working through your throat chakra. It will soothe anxious thinking and it also is said to help with thyroid issues and to help your cells regenerate. 

Key words: Boundaries, Balance, Soothing, Communication 

Chakra(s): Upper. Throat, brow, crown 

Element(s): Water, Air

Zodiac: Virgo

Planetary Association: Uranus


Country most found in: United States, Madagascar, Russia

Color: Blue, Green

Hardness: 6-6.5

Lustre: Vitreous

Chemical Formula: KAlSi3O8

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